Bulk Propane and NH3 Vessels, Systems and Installation Assistance. Coast to Coast Availability, American Built By American Craftsmen.

Modern’s LPG Division will review your energy needs and develop a system to meet your requirements. Our team can provide installation assistance, if needed, upon delivery of your system. From alternate emergency propane storage tanks or systems to primary LPG for power generation or dispensing propane to power your vehicular fleet…we have the knowledge and experience to help. All work is done per NFPA 58 requirements.

Our three (3) ASME manufacturing locations are supported by an additional five (5) ASME certified fabrication facilities should your requirements call for critically short delivery times.

Other Products:
New ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 Code Constructed and Stamped
Aqueous Ammonia Vessels - 50 PSI Design Vessels are key equipment used for emission control systems.

Anhydrous Ammonia Vessels - 250 PSI Design; Post Weld Heat Treated an efficient and widely used source of nitrogen fertilizer
Anhydrous Ammonia vessels are manufactured in accordance with the ASME Section VIII, Division 1 of the Pressure
Vessel Code, “Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels. (Also as defined in OSHA 1910.111(a)(2)(iii).
Compressed Gas Association Standard, CGA G-2.1 -2014, Standards for the Storage and Handling of Anhydrous
Ammonia and Ammonia Solutions, Section states: “Any pressure vessel used as a storage tank (for Anhydrous Ammonia)
shall have been registered with the National Board.”

UN Portable Tanks; Propane or Butane Compatible, Frames and tanks are ASME, D.O.T.,
ABS, IMDG and CSC standard codes. Fork lift pockets and corner castings allows for stacking
of units. 1,100 gallon sizes.

ISO Tanks; 6,500 gallon capacity, Coast Guard Approved for waterway shipments.
Carbon and stainless steel constructions. Variety of applications.