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Liftmoore, Inc. is exhibiting at the NPGA EXPO in Nasville on April 21-23 and will be in Booth # 1246. Stop by and see us!!

Liftmoore manufactures electric and hydraulic truck mounted cranes with moment ratings up to 72,000 foot-pounds and maximum lifting capacities from 800 to 10,000 pounds. We also make outriggers, jackstands and other accessories.

Distributors are located throughout the United States and Canada.

12V DC Powered Cranes are designed and intended for intermittent duty use.

Hydraulic Powered Cranes are designed for those applications where a longer duty cycle is needed. Any application where longer or multiple lifts in a short period of time require hydraulic cranes.

Outriggers or a jackstand are needed to stabilize the vehicle and prevent twist of the body as the load is lifted. Outriggers are required on most cranes in order for the crane to pass the stability.

Accessories including Boom Rests, Pedestals or Mounting plates as well as outrigger stablizers are available from Liftmoore for a complete installation.

Crane Controls are offered in either wireless or wired pendant controls.